One Click Hosting provides business owners the option to secure their website using the highest level of industry standard security SSL certificates.

No matter the business conducted online, the number one priority has to be keeping customer data safe, secured transactions, protected passwords and credit card number protection.

With an SSL Certificate, both your website and your customers browser is protected. Any information entered on a protected page is secured.

Increased Google Rankings

Customer Data Protection

Fast SSL Certificate Delivery


What exactly is an SSL Certificate?

SSL Certificates are used to create a secure encrypted connection between the web server and the users browser. Short for Secure Socket Layer, the ultimate goal is to keep all data safe between the browser and server using encryption.

The simple way to tell if a website is secured is that the start of the web address will be HTTPS as opposed to HTTP. ‘S’ meaning Secure.

Increased Website Rankings

Google has confirmed websites that are secured with a SSL certificate are favoured in the search results. HTTPS is a ranking factor = Increased traffic.

Increased Conversion Rate

Customers are more likely to purchase from a website they can trust.

We have a SSL Certificate for any business or requirement.

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